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Searching & Abstracting

All Your Needs in One Place

What you can expect:
exceptional & dependable customer service, experienced staff across the state, excellent turnaround times!




We can build on an existing abstract to update those records or provide documents to show the full history of the parcel noting all conveyances and encumbrances affecting the property. Every acre has a story.



Conducting an exhaustive search of public records ensures you can verify the title’s legitimacy, and therefore its ownership is not in question at the time of transfer.

Tax Searching

KCS has a team dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date tax information.  Supplying actual data on exemptions, delinquencies and assessments.



Judgment liens, pending lawsuits, surrogate court records and bankruptcy filings must be  carefully reviewed to understand what sort of impact they have on the title holder’s right to use and possess the property.


  Our team has a long history of providing reliable searches and abstracts of title for all of New York State. With our innovative technology and streamlined process, we can provide timely coverage statewide. We combine friendly and dependable service with the latest software to provide an excellent turnaround time. Our experience, knowledge, and dedication allow for a great client experience!  Based out of the Mohawk Valley, the KCS team knows what to look for, what questions need answering, and how to get you those answers.  The company culture focuses on working together to deliver superior service. When you hire for talent and experience, a collaborative team naturally comes together.  No child dreams of sifting through records at the County Clerk’s office, but great things can happen when the right people stumble upon this profession. The value we place on our employees and community truly makes this organization exceptional.

With experienced in-house searchers, you can’t beat our turnaround times.

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