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We can build on an existing abstract to update those records or provide documents to show the full history of the parcel noting all conveyances and encumbrances affecting the property. Every acre has a story.

Property Searching

Conducting an exhaustive search of public records ensures you can verify the title’s legitimacy, and therefore its ownership is not in question at the time of transfer.

Tax Searching

KCS has a team dedicated to providing accurate and up to date tax information.  Supplying actual data on exemptions, delinquencies and assessments.

Additional Searching

Judgment liens, pending lawsuits, surrogate court records and bankruptcy filings must be  carefully reviewed to understand what sort of impact they have on the title holder’s right to use and possess the property.

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What an Abstract Uncovers

An abstractor is responsible for finding all major transactions and legal issues including:

  • Mortgages and Liens
  • Subdivision and Homeowners’ Association Restrictions
  • Plat Maps
  • Surveys and any Encroachments
  • Easements. Right of Ways and Utility Access
  • Pertinent Wills, Deeds, Lawsuits, or Tax Sales

An abstract is a gathering of information which materially affects a specific tract of land by recognizing the significance of recorded matters. The documents and information are typically arranged in chronological order and date back to a minimum of 40 years.

Property Search

An examination of public records to determine the ownership, including any encumbrances, of a specific piece of property.

Tax Search

Uncovering any delinquent taxes and obtaining current Tax information based on municipality. If unpaid at the time of purchase this  would be a first lien on a property.  It is crucial to know about this before purchase so that the current owner can properly dispose of them prior to sale.


The decision of a court of law that when recorded becomes a lien on real property of the defendant. A judgment  is a court ruling that can give a creditor the right to take possession of a debtor's real property if the debtor fails to pay.

Surrogates Court

This Court is established in every county to hear cases involving the affairs of decedents, including the probate of wills, and the administration of estates and trust proceedings.  Just as it is important for title agents to ensure the deed has the proper legal description, the same is true for Surrogate Court orders transferring title.

Patriot Search

The U.S. Treasury has a Blocked Persons List.  Individuals and entities who are identified by the US government are essentially members of their “Most Wanted List”. Our clients need to know if they are inadvertently dealing with any person or entity who has been identified as an enemy of the state by our government.

Municipal Searches

Informational searches that encompass building and fire department records and environmental violations as well as information about the abutting street.  Municipal Searches will show proof that the local building codes and zoning ordinances have been complied with and that the premises is not subject to any fire violations.